Once the integration is successfully configured, all the expenses from Fyle, once approved or paid out, can be exported to QuickBooks Online, where they’ll be stored permanently for all accounting purposes.

How it works

  • You can access the integration from Fyle Admin settings > Integration > Accounting > QuickBooks Online.

  • The integration will open in a new tab, and you will be automatically logged in with your Fyle credentials and land on the dashboard.

    Note that The integration will be connected to the Fyle account from where you have logged in. If you wish you switch to a different integration account, you can click on the profile icon > Switch Organization and select another Fyle org.

  • By default, the integration will automatically import all the expenses in real-time that have reached either payment processing or paid the state in Fyle (based on your selected configuration in Export settings)
    Group them based on the selected grouping logic ( Group by Report/Payment or expenses ) and keep it ready for you to export from the dashboard.

  • You can now click on the Export option to start exporting expenses from Fyle as QuickBooks Online transactions.

    Successful Exports

    If all the selected expenses from Fyle are exported as a corresponding transaction in QuickBooks Online, you will see a success log and can have a link to view the corresponding data in QuickBooks Online. For further analysis, you can also check the data in the Export log.

Failed Exports

In a case where the transactions ( expense/report) have failed to export to QuickBooks Online, it will be immediately reflected in the dashboard with a corresponding count of the failure and associated Errors ( Integration or QuickBooks Online errors)

You can directly fix the errors from the dashboard before trying to re-export.

For example, in the above image, one export has failed because of two errors, viz., the employee mapping and the category mapping error on the integration side that has to be resolved.

You can also click on view next to the failed export to get information on the corresponding list of failed expenses.

How to resolve errors?

Integration errors

For the integration errors, the error details will be automatically shown by the integration. In addition, once you click on the resolve option, all the missing mapping data is shown with an option to create new mappings directly from within the dashboard.

Once the missing mapping is completed, the data is automatically saved, and you can try to re-export these expenses. Below is a quick video sample showcasing how the integration errors can be resolved from the dashboard.

QuickBooks Online errors

QuickBooks Online errors are generally because of any validation or permission issues at the QuickBooks Online end that blocks the Fyle integration from creating a record in QuickBooks Online.

In this case, all the associated expenses that have failed because of the error and the corresponding error code and message are shared. However, you can use this information to fix the issue in QuickBooks Online before trying to re-export the expenses.

Note that the integration will automatically compile all the previously failed expenses and newly imported expenses and keep them ready for you to export to QuickBooks Online.

Contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance with exporting expenses from Fyle to QuickBooks Online via integration v2.0.

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