The Chart of Accounts in Xero helps you categorize your transactions on everything from sales forms to reports to tax forms. If you want to extend the Chart of Accounts set up in Xero to Fyle to categorize expenses, the steps below will guide you.

Please note that importing the Chart of Accounts is optional. For example, suppose you have already created categories in Fyle. In that case, you can now map the categories created in Fyle to the Chart of Accounts in Xero under the Category Mapping section of the Integration.

Importing Chart of Accounts from Xero to Fyle

1. Log in to your Fyle- Xero integration using your Fyle Admin credentials.

2. To import Chart of Accounts from Xero Integration, head to Configurations > General and switch on Import Xero Chart of Accounts to Fyle.

3. Once switched on, you can select the accounts from the Chart of Accounts dropdown that you wish to import to Fyle and click Save. Note that all the expense type Charts of Accounts will be imported by default.

4. All the selected accounts will now be imported as categories in Fyle under Admin Settings > Organization > Categories. If you wish to disable an account, you could do so from the Admin Settings page.

You are all set to use your Xero Chart of Accounts in Fyle. If you need assistance setting this up, write to us at [email protected].

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