You can re-bill expenses from Fyle to your customers in Xero via the Fyle-Xero Integration. Shared below are the steps on how you could export expenses to Xero that are billable to your customers.

Import Customers in Xero

1. Log in to your Fyle Xero integration with the Fyle admin credentials.

2. To Import Customers from Xero as Projects in Fyle, head to Configurations > General and switch on Import Xero Customers to Fyle and Save.

3. Once switched on, All the existing customers in Xero will be Imported as Projects in Fyle. When you add a new customer in Xero, it will automatically sync to Fyle as Project in 24 hours.

Creating a Billable expense in Fyle

To re-bill an expense from Fyle to your customer in Xero, an employee must select a project value and mark it billable before submitting it.

When this expense is exported to Xero, it reflects as a billable expense for the selected customer ( project), as shown in the screenshot below. You can later use this information to invoice your customers.

If you need assistance setting this up, write to us at [email protected].

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