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How to Export Reimbursable Expenses as Journal Entries in Sage Intacct?
How to Export Reimbursable Expenses as Journal Entries in Sage Intacct?
This article explains how you can export your reimbursable expenses in Fyle as Journal Entries in Sage Intacct
Written by Kamalini Yuvaraj
Updated over a week ago

Journal Entry is a popular method of export for reimbursable expenses where a GL account is credited while another GL account is debited. The Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration allows you to configure which account needs to be credited and uses the category field in the employee expense form to capture the GL account that needs to be debited.

You can export reimbursable expenses as Journal Entries in Sage Intacct by following the below steps.

Note: Before exporting your expenses from Fyle as a journal entry in Sage Intacct, kindly follow the steps in this article to create a Journal folder in Sage Intacct. And make sure you've given access to all the required modules in Sage Intacct as mentioned in this article.

Configuring Reimbursable Expenses to be exported as Journal Entries

  1. Open the Fyle-Sage Intacct Integration by logging into your Fyle account with your admin credentials.

  2. Go to Configurations > General.

  3. Under the 'Map reimbursable expenses from Fyle to' option, Select Journal Entry

  4. Under the 'Map Employees from Fyle to' option, select whether you'd like to map your employees in Fyle to Vendors or Employees in Sage Intacct.

  5. Once you configured the above two fields, click on Save.

Configuring the Default GL Accounts

You will be redirected to the General Mappings section once you click on Save in the Configurations page. Under General Mappings, select the account that you'd like to set as the Default GL account to credit all your reimbursable expenses and click on Save.

Your reimbursable expenses can now be exported as Journal Entries in Sage Intacct. Here's an example of how a reimbursable expense in Fyle would look like a Journal Entry in Sage Intacct.

Do reach out to us at [email protected] if you need assistance in setting this up.

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