You can Fyle business receipts received on your personal / alternate e-mail with a single click without having to login to your registered Fyle account.
To Fyle e-receipts from any email id:

  • Click on the arrow icon on the top right corner on the web-app next to your name and click on Profile
  • Under the section EMAIL FORWARDING, copy your special email id, which is unique for your account.
  • Forward any receipts from any email inbox to special email id to create an expense entry automatically.

Note: The additional fields like Projects, Sub-Category etc might not be captured in the email forwarding option. If any of the fields are not automatically extracted, the expenses will be visible under the "Needs Review" section.

Ensure to click on the set of expenses and fill the remaining details (shown below) so that these set of expenses move to "Ready To Report" section.

How to Automate Uber Receipts to create expense using special email id

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