Add Tax Groups For Your Organization

How to add tax groups? Enable and disable tax groups.

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You can add tax groups for your organization. Employees can choose the relevant tax group while creating expenses and it will be added to their expense forms.

Navigate to your admin setting by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Add, enable, and disable tax groups

From the left-hand side panel click on Expenses and select Taxes.

Click on the Add Tax Group button.

In the pop-up box that appears, enter a name and percentage for your tax group.

Click on Add Tax Group to save.

To modify a tax group, you can click on it, make the required changes and click Update Tax Group to save.

To Enable or Disable a tax group, you can use the toggle buttons beside it. To enable a tax group, toggle it to Yes. To disable a tax group, toggle it to No.

Name the Tax Field

In the Tax Fields section, add the field name for tax groups. The field name is the name for the field that employees will see on their employee forms. Click on Save.

Once the field name and tax groups are set, employees will be able to view and select them in their expense forms while filling in expense details.

Disable the tax groups feature

If you wish to disable the tax groups feature altogether, click on the Disable button at the top of your screen. Once the feature is disabled, employees will no longer see it on their expense forms.

This covers the taxes settings that you can control for your organization.

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