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How do I add daily allowance/Per Diems?
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You can add per diem rates or a daily allowance for your employees. Per Diems are normally a fixed allowance of reimbursement paid to employees for daily lodging, meals, and incidental expenses incurred during business-related travel.

Expense form


To add a new per diem, 

  • Click on the SETTINGS icon represented by the gear wheel

  • Click on the EXPENSES Tab

  • Click on the PER DIEM tab

  • Click on the ADD PER DIEM button

Adding per diems in Admin Settings
  • Enter the per diem details

  • Click SAVE

Disable Perdiems:

To Disable a Per Diem 

  • Use the toggle to disable the per diem rate

You can also restrict employees of certain Departments and Levels to select only certain per diems by enabling this toggle switch

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