To add new users click on the Employees option on the left panel. You will be redirected to the user management page. 

  • Click on the  +New Employee button to add a new employee or user

form to fill to invite a new employee
  • Enter Name, Email, Primary approver and the Role details

  • Click on Save after which an Invitation email will be sent to the New Employee

Give employees Admin or Finance or Approver rights.

To further make a user a Fyle admin or give finance rights, simply check the corresponding option at the bottom of the Add Employee form. You can add an approver to every new user, thus setting the hierarchy. 

Adding multiple users using Bulk Add Users.

You can add users by bulk at one go by uploading the user details on a template available Fyle.

  • Go to Employees >> Click on Bulk Add/Update users

  • Download the template

  • Ensure the required line items are filled

  • Click on Upload

Note: Only Name and email are a must at the time of upload. Other details can be added after inviting employees as well.

You can set up your team hierarchy based on the below roles on FYLE.

Fyler: Employee who files the expense

Approver: Approves an expense report. Each employee/user can have an approver, thus any expense report created will be approved by the corresponding approver. 

Finance: Verify and process payments. Additionally, a finance user can also approve reports. 

Admin: Handles the entire Fyle account, including setting policies, organisation details Inviting users. The admin also has visibility into every expense fyled on the platform and can approve, verify, and process all payments. 

Verifier: With this role, the user will be able to access the "Verify" tab under the "Reports" page. 

Payment Processor: This role lets the user perform actions that are related to processing the payment

Travel Admin: This role lets the user perform actions that are related to managing travels, such as approving and processing travel and hotel bookings, assigning booked requests to users.

You can read more about the different roles on Fyle here.

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