Advance Request Custom Fields

Adding custom fields on advance request forms

Written by Shrey
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Custom fields are additional data fields you can add to the expense form to capture information specific to your organization. Apart from being able to add custom expense fields on expense forms, administrators can now add custom fields on advance request forms.

Why should you make use of this?
Well, apart from capturing information that is specific to your organization, you can also track these extra bits of information by creating custom fields on an advance request form.

To add an advance request custom field:

1. Navigate to Settings > Advances and click on the Add Custom Field button.

2. The advance request field pop-up opens, where you can:

ย > Name the custom field:

> Select the type of response to be entered in the custom field:

> Enter the placeholder:

>Choose whether this custom field has to be mandatory

3. Click on the Add Custom Field button to save the custom field just created.

5. Once it is saved, the custom field will be visible on the Advance Request forms.

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