Configure Custom Employee Fields

What are custom user fields ? How to add them on to your user details?

Written by Tanvi Telang
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If your organization requires any additional employee details to the ones being captured by default in the employee forms. You can add custom employee fields to capture this data. This field will be visible on the employee details form while adding employees. As an admin, you can choose if the field is made mandatory or not.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to configure custom employee fields.

Navigate to admin settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

From the left-hand side panel, select Employees. Click on Employee Fields.

Under the Custom Fields box, click on Add Custom Field.

In the pop-up box that opens, enter the details of the custom field:

Field Label: The name of the field

Field Type: Choose the type of format the data will be captured in (for example date, text, number, yes or no, etc)

Make this field mandatory: Check this box if the field needs to be made mandatory

Under the Preview section, you can. see how the field will appear on the employee details form. Once all details are entered, click the Add button.

The field gets added to the list.

You can delete the field by clicking on the Bin icon on the right.

The field will be visible under the Other Details section while adding employees to Fyle.

Following these steps, you can add custom employee fields to your employee forms as required.

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