You can forward business receipts received on your personal/alternate email to Fyle and Fyle will create an expense for you!

To forward e-receipts from any email ID to Fyle:

  1. Click on the settings icon on the top right corner as shown below.

  2. On the 'Profile' section, you can see your 'Fyle Mail'. This email ID is unique for your Fyle account. If you forward any email receipt to this email ID, expenses will get automatically created on your Fyle account.

  3. Go to your email receipt and just forward it to this email ID.

  4. Now, go to your Fyle account and you will find an 'incomplete expense' created for you.

  5. On clicking on this expense, you can see most of the expense details are automatically extracted: amount, date of spend, merchant, etc. (as shown below)

  6. Save the expense and you're done!

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