The secondary approver can be added in the employee form while adding a new employee or by adding a list of the Secondary approvers in the Bulk Add/Update template.

Before adding a Secondary approver, check if the Secondary Approver is enabled in your organization. If the Secondary Approver feature is disabled, you will not be able to set secondary approvers for your employees.

How to Enable/Disable Secondary Approvers

  1. Log in as an admin and click on the Settings icon (gear icon)

Fyle admin dashboard

2. Under General Tab, scroll down towards “Features” section and check for “Allow Secondary Approvers”

Settings for Admin

3. If the “Allow Secondary Approvers” is unchecked, you cannot set secondary approvers for employees and the feature will remain disabled

4. If the “Allow Secondary Approvers” is checked, you will be able to set secondary approvers for the employees

When you check this box, ensure to click on “Save”

Allowing Secondary Approvers

Add/Update Secondary Approver in the Employee form

1. Login as an Admin and Click on “Employees” tab on the left pane of your screen

2. Click on New Employee

3. An Employee form will pop up in your screen

4. Under “Approver details”, you will notice the “Secondary Approver” field added

Employee form

5. Enter the Secondary approver details and click on “Save”

Note: The same action can be performed for an existing employee where you can select on the employee and edit the “Secondary Approver” details

Add/Update Secondary Approver using the Bulk Add/Update Employees option

 1. Login as an Admin and Click on the “Employees” tab on the left pane of your screen

 2. Click on Bulk Add/Update Employees

Bulk update users

3. Click on “Download Template”

Template for bulk update

4. In the excel sheet, the approver details are termed as below:

  • Approver 1 Email ID - Primary Approver email address

  • Approver 2 Email ID - Secondary Approver 1 email address 

  • Approver 3 Email ID - Secondary Approver 2 email address

5. Fill in the Secondary Approver details from Approver 2 Email ID onwards

Template for bulk update

6. Save the file in .xlsx format

7. Click on “Upload .xlsx file”

Uploading the template onto Fyle
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