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Replying to comments by AMP Email
Replying to comments by AMP Email

Find out how to reply to comments made on your expense right from inside the email

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

What is AMP for Email? 

  • AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is a framework for developers to create faster-loading mobile content on the web. 

  • AMP for email allows senders to include AMP components inside rich engaging emails, making modern app functionality available within an email. 

  • AMP for email lets you create more dynamic emails that provide engaging and actionable email experiences. 

Where have we used AMP for email?

  • We have used AMP for email to create dynamic emails from which employees can reply to comments made by their approvers, without having to go to the Fyle app. 

  • Apart from being able to dynamically reply to comments from the email, these emails will also stay up-to-date with respect to the comments being shared to and fro between the Fyler and the Approver. 

How to enable support for dynamic emails in Gmail?

  • In your Gmail, click on the Settings icon and select the option Settings.

  • In the page that opens, in the General settings sections, scroll down and find the sub-section for Dynamic Email. 

  • Here, ensure that the Enable dynamic email checkbox is selected. This will allow dynamic emails to be rendered in your Gmail. 

Settings in GMAIL to enable dynamic emails

With Dynamic email vs Without Dynamic email

  • Let’s say your approver has added a comment to one of the expenses in your report. You will be notified by an email that a comment has been made. This is how you’ll see the email if you have not enabled Dynamic email.

Responding to comments without dynamic email
  • Upon clicking Reply in app, you’ll be redirected to that expense in your Fyle App and you’ll be able to see the comment there and reply to it from the app. Note that there is no provision to reply to the comment from within the email.

  • In the case where Dynamic emails are enabled in your Gmail, this is how the same email will render.

Responding to comments with dynamic email
  • Notice that you could now reply to the comment from within the email through the textbox provided. Once you reply, it’ll be reflected in the Fyle App as well. Also, notice how this dynamic email allows you to view receipts right from inside the email. 

Comments view on an expense.
  • The dynamic email did not just allow you to reply to a comment from within the email. It also stays up-to-date. Now let’s say, another comment was added to the comment thread from the app as shown in the above picture. This will also be reflected when you open the email in your Gmail. 

Real time update of the comments entered in the expense.
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