Set up department-wise approval policies

How do I set up approvals based on department? How do I add a department approver? How do I add head of department as an approver?

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As an admin, you add the Department Approver as an approver while approving expenses, advance requests, or trip request policies. There may be instances where certain expenses require approval from the Department Approver (usually the Head of Department), for example, any expenses incurred for team outings/lunches.

This can be easily configured with the help of the policies. To add the Department Approver as an approver in policies, follow the steps mentioned below:

Assigning a Department Approver

  1. From your Admin Settings, open the Departments page. Select the department in which you want to add a Department Approver.

  2. Select the name of the employee you want to add as the Department Approver. Click on Update Department to successfully add the Department Approver.

Set Policy For Department-based Approval

In your admin settings, click on Expenses from the left side panel. Select Policies.

Click on the New Policy button to set up a new policy.

Under the Choose who is affected by this policy section, click on Add Employee Property and select Departments.

Select all the departments that need to be included.

Scroll down to the Define what happens when the policy is triggered section and click on Add Action. Select Assign Additional Approver.

Under Add Department Approvers, select the Department Approver option.

Once these details are filled in, you can add any other conditions/actions/properties to the policy as per your preference.

Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the screen, add a policy description, and click on Save. The policy will be saved and running for the employees of your organization.

To learn more about setting project-wise approval policy, click here.

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