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[Enterprise plan] Customize expense reports, web app, and transactional emails by adding your company logo.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
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If you’re on the Enterprise plan, you can customize your expense reports to complement your company’s branding. This is done by uploading your company logo which will then be displayed in all the expense reports generated by your employees.

To upload your logo, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Organization Settings page.

  2. In the navigation bar on the left, go to Organization -> General.

  3. In the General settings page, scroll down to the Branding section and upload your company logo there.

Company branding section to upload logo

Restrictions on the Logo:

  1. The Logo must be uploaded as an image file.

  2. The image file should be in one of the following formats - PNG, JPEG, or JPG.

  3. The file should be less than 100 KB.

  4. Maximum dimensions allowed for the image is 320x80 px (width x height).

Here’s how your company’s expense reports will look with the company logo.

Logo shown on downloaded expense report

Branding for transactional emails and web app:

If you’re on the Enterprise plan, you can also extend your company branding to the Web app and the transactional emails sent from Fyle at no extra charge. To do so, reach out to the Accounts Manager assigned to your company.

Here’s how your company branding will look on the Web app and on the transactional emails.

Logo shown on the dashboard
Logo shown on the e-mail notification

If you’re not on the Enterprise plan and wish to avail the Branding feature, reach out to us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help you.

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