If your job role involves crossing borders, it is understandable that you would deal with multiple currencies apart from your home currency. Your home currency is set by your organisation and you would not be able to change it. But, that should not stop you from creating expenses in different currencies.

Here is how Fyle supports expense creation in different currencies.

  • Click on "Add Expense", an expense form will show up where you have to enter details of the expense.

Fyle's currency field in expense creation form

The currency (USD) you see here is the home currency of this organization.

  • To change the currency, clear the home currency in the expense form, after which you will be able to choose from a list of currencies.

Foreign currencies selection drop down
  • Select the Currency > Enter the amount > exchange rate would help you convert the amount to your home currency.

Conversion of foreign currency to home currency
  • Fill in all the details in the expense form and click on "Save".

Foreign currency expense creation
  • An expense will be created in the "Ready to Report" expense tab.

Expenses created in foreign currency on Fyle


The "Total Amount" is the amount that is converted to your organization's respective home currency.

Example: USD ($) is the home currency in this case.

The "Amount" shows the expense you have created in a different currency.

Example: GBP (£) is the foreign currency chosen to create this expense.

The "Exchange Amount" shows the converted amount, converted rate of the foreign currency to your home currency.

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