Creating expenses from the web app is a fairly simple and straightforward process. There are different kinds of expenses that can be created, general expenses, mileage expenses, and per diem expenses (if applicable).

We will look at creating general expenses in the course of this article.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to create a general expense:

  1. Log in to your Fyle account. You can add an expense by clicking on the Add Expense button next to the Tasks tab on your Dashboard.

2. Click on the drop-down arrow on the Add Expense button to see a list of options.

The options are available for the different kinds of expenses you can add such as mileage and per diem (if applicable) expenses.

The expenses can be added individually or in bulk mode.

3. Click on the Add Expense button to open a new expense form. You can also change the type of expense from the list above the expense form.

4. Fill in the required details in the expense fields provided.

The red star next to the field name indicates the field is mandatory. The expenses cannot be saved unless the expense details have been entered in the required field.

To add a receipt for the expense, drag and drop the receipt over the left panel, or click on it to browse through the folders on your computer.

You can add multiple receipts to the expense. In order to add another receipt for the same expense click on Add More below the receipt.

Click on the Trash button if you wish to delete a particular receipt.

5. Once the details have been filled in, Click Save.

The expense will be saved under the Unreported state in the Expenses tab.

Following the steps mentioned, you would be able to create a general expense successfully. The created expenses will still need to be submitted for approval.

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