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Set up multiple advance accounts for employees
Set up multiple advance accounts for employees

How can I set up different advance accounts for separate advances issued to employees?

Written by Meeha Tewari
Updated this week

Introduction to multiple advance accounts

As an admin on Fyle, you can issue advances to your employees in 2 ways:

  • Issue multiple advances under a single advance account. This is the default behaviour on Fyle.

  • Issue multiple advances under different advance account. To enable multiple advance accounts, you are required to drop a request to [email protected]

For example, if an employee receives an advance of $5000, then an advance of $10000,

  • By default, the employee can view and use a combined balance of $15000 in their Fyle account.

  • If you enable multiple advance accounts, the employee can view and use 2 separate advance balances of $5000 and $10000 respectively.

How can employees use multiple advance accounts?

Employees can view all their available advances in the Payment Mode field in the expense form. They can select the appropriate advance balance in this field and use it to create their expense.

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