If you have an approval process based on projects and are looking to set up the same on Fyle please proceed as follow -

1. Log in and view as Organization. Click on the gear icon to open the settings page.

2. Go to Expense Policies under Policies & Compliance and click on +New Policy.

Adding new policy

3. Enter the policy description as desired and go to Projects under Expense Properties. Select the checkboxes against the projects for which you have to add the approvers.

Expense properties while creating Project based Policy

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the policy form and under additional approvers, you will see the option to add project approvers. Select a suitable option and click on save.

Adding Project Approvers in the Policy

Project head 1 will be the Approver 1 added for the project and Project head 2 would be the Approver 2. If in case, you want to send the expense to both the approvers you can select the last option from the policy (Both Project Heads).

Approvers 1 and 2 while setting up Projects

Note: In case you do not want such expense reports to go to the primary approvers, you can select the checkbox against 'Do not send the expense to the primary approver for approval' under policy actions.

select policy actions

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