Primary Organization: It is the Home or Main entity, or where your expenses or reports will be fyled. You will also be able to see all the reports submitted by users from other organizations (if there are any reporters) under your primary org.

If you have moved from one country to another or have moved from a different entity and want to update your primary organization, Fyle has got you covered. This will help you manage the reports/approval from your primary org if you have users reporting from multiple organizations.

To change your primary org follow the below instructions -

1. Login to Fyle and click on Profile Settings under your name in the right upper corner.

Profile Settings option in the account

2. Under My Profile > My Details, you will see the Primary Org option. On clicking, you will get a dropdown of all the organizations that you are a part of. Select your primary org and click on Save.

Change Primary Org from Profile Settings
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