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View policy violation details in the History tab
View policy violation details in the History tab

View details in the history tab when a policy is triggered

Written by Tanvi Telang
Updated over a week ago

Policies vary for each organization. Expense policies are set by your organization's Fyle admins to ensure that all details are captured in the expenses and they go through a certain process for approval.

If your company has an additional approval system in place for certain expenses as per policy. Additional approvers could include Secondary Approvers, Department Approvers, and Project Approvers.

As per a certain policy, if an expense requires additional approval from the Department Approver, and there is no Department Approver configured, the policy will get triggered and the expense will not be submittable for approval (if the policy conditions do not allow the expense to be claimed).

You will be able to view the details of such policy failures from the expense History tab while you are verifying/viewing a particular expense within a report.

NOTE: All policy violation details (not limited to approvers) are visible in the History tab.

Using the steps mentioned, you can view the policy violations for expenses.

To learn more about policy violations on your expenses, click here.

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