Exporting Credit Card Expenses from Fyle as Credit Card Transactions on Netsuite is one of the popular methods of export among Fyle admins. If you are looking to configure this, follow the steps below to complete the setup.

Step 1: Enable SuiteScript and Update Fyle bundle in NetSuite

  • You can install the Fyle Integration suite bundle in Netsuite by following the steps mentioned here. By default, your suite bundle should reflect the latest version of Fyle Netsuite Integration Suite Bundle 1.5.0 and Bundle ID 355595. If not, you can always update your bundle by heading to Customisation > SuiteBundler > Search and Install bundles, select the Fyle- Netsuite connector here and update.

  • Once you have updated the Suite Bundle to version 1.5.0, head to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Suite Cloud and ensure that under the SuiteScript section both Client SuiteScript and Server SuiteScript are enabled.

    SuiteScript is necessary to import Credit Card Expenses from Fyle as Credit Card Charges in Netsuite.

    The above steps are highlighted in this video

Step 2: Configuration in Fyle-Netsuite integration

This guide details the steps to complete the setup of Fyle-Netsuite integration.

To export Corporate Credit Expenses from Fyle as Credit Card Charges in Netsuite, head to Configurations > General > Map Corporate Credit Expenses from Fyle, select the Credit Card Charge option here and save the settings as shown below:

All the Credit Card Expenses in Fyle will now be exported as Credit Card Transactions in Netsuite. Sample Credit Card Transaction Export to NetSuite is shown below:

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