By default, all the corporate credit card expenses from Fyle exported as Journal entries, Credit card charges, or Expense report transactions in Netsuite are coded to a default credit card account in Netsuite selected under General Mappings > Default credit card account within the integration as shown below.

However, coding expenses to only one default credit card account would not help if your organization uses credit cards from different vendors. In this case, mapping corporate credit cards to specific credit card accounts in Netsuite is the recommended solution and would also make your reconciliation in Netsuite easy.

Below are the steps to map corporate credit cards in Fyle to specific credit card accounts in Netsuite.

Mapping Corporate Credit Cards in Fyle to Credit Card Accounts in Netsuite

To start mapping your Fyle corporate credit cards, head to the Corporate Card Mappings section in the integration and click on New Corporate Card Mapping. Now search and select a Corporate Card from Fyle and map it to a Credit Card Account in Netsuite and Save.

Based on the mapping established, every corporate credit card expense exported from Fyle to Netsuite would be coded to a specific credit card account.

Sample Export of a Corporate Credit Card expense in Fyle to Credit Card Transaction in Netsuite

Do write to us at [email protected] if you need any assistance setting this up.

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