Merging Duplicate Expenses

This article explains how a user can remove duplicate expenses, which are often created by corporate credit card transactions.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
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At times, multiple expenses get created on Fyle for the same transaction.

There are 2 ways the user can now merge duplicate expenses.

1. Merging using the cues provided on the app

  1. If Fyle has identified potentially duplicate expenses in your account, a new 'Task' will be added to your dashboard as shown. Click on 'Review Duplicates'.

  2. A box will open up on the same screen where you can review all the potentially duplicate expenses.

  3. If you think the expenses in a set are duplicates, 'Merge' them. Otherwise, 'Dismiss' them to mark them as not duplicates. Refer to the 2nd way (Merging Manually) below to know more about merging expenses.

Other important points

  1. Fyle will also inform you about potential duplicates on the 'Expenses' page, as shown below. You can simply click on the icon to review them.

  2. You can also edit an expense from the 'Potential Duplicates' box as shown below:

    1. Click on an expense in the 'Potential Duplicates' box.

    2. An 'Edit Expense' screen will open up. You can edit and save your expense from here too.

  3. There can be more than 2 expenses in a set in some cases. You can Merge or Dismiss the whole set or just dismiss some expenses that you think aren't duplicates. (as shown below)

2. Merging Manually:

  1. Select the 2 duplicate expenses (as shown below). A 'Merge' option will appear in the bar above. Click on 'Merge'.

  2. A box will open up (as shown). Expense form fields which were common in both these expenses will automatically be disabled for editing.

  3. In the 'Expenses to Keep' dropdown, choose the more accurately filled expense.

  4. In doing so, all the fields will get filled according to the data of the chosen expense. You can still edit the expense fields if needed. Click on 'Save'.

  5. You can now see that the 2 expenses have been merged into 1.

[No action needed from the user]
3. Fyle merging behind the curtains

Suppose one expense is created automatically via the Corporate Card transaction and the other is created by the user. In that case, Fyle will automatically merge these two expenses into one without letting the user know. Expense form fields like purpose or receipt, which the user might have added to their expense, will be retained in the merged expense.

If you create an expense by adding a receipt, after which the card transaction (charge) flows into Fyle, Fyle merges the expenses automatically to avoid duplicates. For this case to work, the criteria are as follows:

  • Expense created by you manually (by adding receipt/details): Can be in any expense state - Incomplete, Unreported, Reported, Approved, Payment Processing or Paid. (Payment Mode: Corporate Credit Card)

  • Expense created from card transaction (automatically): Can be in either an Incomplete or Unreported expense state.

To handle the amount and date values that can be overlooked, we handle the merges with tolerance in both fields.

  • Spend Amount: The amount difference between two expenses can be at a max of 0.0002.

  • Date of Spend: The date difference between two expenses can be at a max of 5 days.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more information about Merging expenses.

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