Managing Corporate Card Expenses

This article explains how you, as a spender, can manage corporate credit card expenses and report them.

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The administrator or the finance head of an organization uploads the bank statement of the corporate credit cards in Fyle and assigns the card transactions to their respective employees, i.e., you.

When the transactions are assigned to you, Fyle automatically creates the expenses for these transactions, and you need not classify the transactions.

These card expenses will prominently show the relevant transaction details and are accessible on the Expenses page.

On the landing page, you can find the Card Spend details under which there are Incomplete expenses and Total expenses pertaining to each card you are assigned.

On Mobile, you will see the card details under Card Spend.

Upon clicking on the Incomplete under Card Spend, you will be taken to the Incomplete tab under the My Expenses section, showing only the incomplete expenses of the card you clicked.

On Mobile, you will see the list of expenses as shown below.

As a spender, you need to complete card expenses by filling in the relevant details as required by your finance team. Fill in all the necessary information (Date, Amount, Merchant) and other mandatory fields required by your company and click on the Save button.

This expense is now visible under the Ready to Report tab in the My Expenses section. Add to a report and submit it for approval.

On Mobile, the card details are made prominent on the expense form.

Handling duplicates:

If you manually create an expense before the card transaction is assigned to you, after which the admin assigns the corresponding transaction to you, we have got you covered.

As the expense is automatically created from the transaction, Fyle automatically merges these two expenses into one expense. Click here to know more about handling duplicate expenses.

Marking an expense as personal

If you have any personal transactions made through your corporate credit card, it's easy to mark them as personal within Fyle. Click here to know more about marking a card expense as personal.


Dismissing a refund from card expense

If you have any refund or cashback (credit) transactions on your corporate credit card, it's easy to dismiss them. Click here to know more about dismissing a corporate credit card expense.


You can't delete the corporate card expenses. Reach out to your admin(s) to delete the corresponding transactions of these expenses.

Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] for any further information.

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