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Set Up Automatic Reminders From The Tasks Dashboard
Set Up Automatic Reminders From The Tasks Dashboard

Here are steps to set up automatic reminders to remind your employees to submit expense reports and approve them.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

As an admin, you can now use the Reminders feature to schedule automatic reminders to your employees on various tasks. Reminders are a simple yet effective way to ensure that tasks get done on time to avoid any delays with your expense reconciliation process.

On your Tasks Dashboard, the right-hand side of your screen has a list of reminders that you can choose to send out manually.

To send out the reminder manually, hover your arrow over the reminder and click on the Remind button on the right of the reminder name.

A pop-up box will open where the employees that qualify for receiving the reminder will be selected by default and an auto-generated reminder message will be filled in. You can customize both of these details. Click on Send Reminder to proceed.

After sending the manual reminders successfully, you will get a prompt asking you to set an automatic reminder for the task. Click on the Set Automated Reminders button to begin.

You can choose the frequency of the reminder and set a particular time of your choosing that would be best suited to your organization's working hours. Additionally, you can type in a reminder message which will be visible to the employees.

Once you have filled in all details, click on the Add Reminder button.

After the automated reminder is scheduled, you can see when the latest reminder was sent as well as when the next reminder will be sent to your employees on the dashboard.

This covers the setting up of automatic reminders from your Tasks Dashboard.

To learn more about setting automatic reminders from your admin settings, click here.

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