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Import Vendors From QuickBooks Online as Merchants in Fyle
Import Vendors From QuickBooks Online as Merchants in Fyle

Steps to import vendors from QuickBooks Online to Fyle as merchants to use in the expense form

Written by Kamalini Yuvaraj
Updated over a week ago

Many organizations work with a specific set of Vendors in their business, whose information is captured and stored in QuickBooks Online. This would help the finance team keep a track of all the vendors they work with and any outstanding payments.

In order to maintain this curated set of vendors, Fyle supports the import of vendors in QuickBooks Online as Merchants to Fyle. This will allow the employees to choose from the list of vendors while filing an expense. This would avoid employees or card statements from creating new/duplicate vendor records.

Import Vendors From QuickBooks Online As Merchants In Fyle

To enable this feature,

  1. Log in to your Fyle- QuickBooks Online integration using your Fyle Admin credentials.

  2. Head to Configuration > Import Settings.

  3. Enable the Import Vendors from QuickBooks Online toggle button.

With this setting enabled, an admin can successfully import and use the Vendors from QuickBooks Online in Fyle. This ensures that all the expenses are coded to the right vendor record when expense data is exported from Fyle.

Using the imported list in the expense form

The image below shows how the imported list shows up in the expense form for the employee to choose from while filing an expense.


Currently, Fyle does not allow employees to create new vendor records as this would clutter the curated vendor list that the accountant is maintaining in QuickBooks Online. However, every new vendor added in QuickBooks Online will be imported to Fyle to be used in the expense form.

Any transaction made with a vendor that doesn't exist in QuickBooks Online will get posted to the Default Credit Card Vendor configured on the Export Settings page.

Do reach out to us at [email protected] if you need any assistance setting this up.

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