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A quick guide on how to use Partner Dashboard if you are a reseller partner with Fyle

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If you are a reseller partner managing multiple client accounts in Fyle, the partner dashboard will provide you with a birds-eye view of all key metrics across your client portfolio in a single place. This will help you plan and prioritize daily tasks, take quick actions, and have an informed summary of your client portfolio.

How to access the Partner Dashboard in Fyle?

To access the Partner Dashboard, you should be added as an employee with a Partner role in your client's Fyle account.

Once added, you can access the Partner Dashboard in two ways.

  1. From within Fyle

    If you are logged into any of your client's Fyle accounts with the partner role, you can click on your profile icon in the top right corner and access the Partner Dashboard, which will open the Partner dashboard in a new tab.

  2. Via an external URL

    You can also access the Partner Dashboard through this URL: and log in with your Fyle credentials as shown below


Understanding the Partner Dashboard

Partner Dashboard comes in two modes of view: Detail and Table view.

Detail View

The Detail view mode contains details of all your client organizations.

You can find the total active users across your client portfolio at the top of the dashboard.

Total Active user count will help you plan your subscription with Fyle and give you context on if you have completed your subscribed license seats with Fyle or can onboard more.

Next, you will be able to find key metrics such as the number of active users, total invited users, the number of Incomplete card expenses, the number of Reports pending Approval, and the total pending reimbursable amount across each client organization that you handle.

For example, if you manage both Acme Corporation and Globex Corporation as clients, you can find the number of reports pending Approval for each organization individually. So, if Globex Corporation has 100 reports pending Approval and Acme Corporation has 20, you could use this comparison to prioritize and nudge the Globex Corporation client to complete the pending reports approval process for the day.

Each metric tile is clickable, and it will take you to the respective Fyle account to view the detailed data of the selected metric. For example, clicking on the Reports to Approve in Acme Corporation details will take you to the Acme Corporation's Fyle account > Reports page and the Approval pending queue. From here, you can choose to remind the approvers in bulk or individually approve the reports.

Table View

The table view of the Partner Dashboard will provide you with the same metric arranged in tabular column format.

Table view provides one additional metric, viz., Pending Invitation, which gives you a context of how many employees in the org have been invited but have not yet activated their account with Fyle.

For example, in the above screenshot, you can see that for the client Acme Corporation, 34 users ( Employees) have been added to their account and would have received an activation link from Fyle, and of that, 14 have not yet activated their account.

Clicking on the view will take you to Acme Corporation's Fyle account > Employee module to showcase the list of pending status employees. You can then bulk-select and resend the invites etc.

Note that when you land in the Partner Dashboard for the first time, it will load in the detail view mode will be loaded by default. You could, however, switch to a table view if needed. From there on, whatever the last mode you logged off from, will be available as the default screen when you log back into Partner Dashboard.

The list of clients shown in the Partner Dashboard will only be of the accounts you are added to with the Partner Role.

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