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A guide on what is partner role and how to enable it.

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The role of an employee in Fyle defines their scope and access control in Fyle.

Several roles can be assigned to a user in Fyle, such as Approver, Fyler, Payment Processor, Admin, etc. These roles define what kind of activities that specific user can perform in Fyle.

In that order, a Partner role in Fyle is a good fit for you if you are a reseller partner and you would like to add your employees as a partner who manages your client's Fyle account.

The Partner role has all access similar to that of an Admin in Fyle, i.e., a user with the Partner role has control over the policy settings, can change expense categories, set up policies, etc., invite/ add users to the account, and can see all the employees' reports in Fyle.

In addition to the Admin functionalities, a user with a Partner role can also access the Partner Dashboard and have a birds-eye view of all their client account performance in a single place.

How to enable a Partner role?

You'll need to log in with the Owner credentials to your client's Fyle account to add an employee from your organization and assign a Partner role.

Once logged in to your client's Fyle account, switch to Organization view and head to the Employees module. Then, click on Add Employees and start filling in your user details. If you have already added your employees in client org, you can also click on the existing user's details to update their role.

Once saved, the user will receive a verification link in the registered email address to activate their account.

Note: The Partner role cannot be directly accessed in the UI. If you are a reseller partner and would like to enable this for your employees in client accounts, reach out to us at [email protected], and we will enable this feature for your account from our end.

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