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How to set up the Fyle-TravelPerk Integration?
How to set up the Fyle-TravelPerk Integration?

This article explains how to integrate your TravelPerk account with your Fyle account for automated expense creation

Written by Kamalini Yuvaraj
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Travel Expenses being one of the most common business expenses, organizations use a travel management system like TravelPerk. If you're an organization using both TravelPerk and Fyle, you can export your TravelPerk invoices as expenses in Fyle. It is an easy setup where you have to establish a connection between Fyle and TravelPerk and the invoices will be automatically imported as expenses in Fyle based on your configurations.

Connect your TravelPerk and Fyle Accounts

  • Go to the Admin Settings page > Integrations > Native Apps > TravelPerk

  • Cilck on 'Connect' to connect your Fyle account to your TravelPerk account.

  • You will be redirected to the TravelPerk page to log into your account.

  • Note: The e-mail ID you're using to connect to TravelPerk should have admin access in both TravelPerk and Fyle.

  • Once you're logged in, click on 'Authorize App' to allow access to Fyle.

Configure the Payment Profile Settings

Once the connection is established, you will be redirected back to the integration configuration page with the Payment Profile Settings.

  • On the left side, you'll find a list of Payment Profiles from TravelPerk, based on the cards/payment profiles in your TravelPerk account.

  • On the right side, you'll see a list of User Role options.

Assign a User Role for each Payment Profile to enable auto-creation of expenses based on the Booker/Traveler/Card Holder associated with the Invoices of that Payment Profile.

Booker (Travel Manager)

Manages bookings for other travelers.


Books and manages trips for themselves

Card Holder

Holds the card associated with a payment profile in TravelPerk

When importing TravelPerk Invoices to Fyle, expenses are classified as Corporate Credit Card Expenses. Without corresponding cards in Fyle, choose between assigning expenses to the Booker or Traveler. However, if TravelPerk Payment Profiles' cards are added to Fyle, assign the User Role as 'Card Holder' to streamline reconciliation.

Understanding User Roles and Payment Profiles

Travel bookings are typically made using Payment Profiles, with companies utilizing them in various ways. Some companies use shared cards, while others allow employees to add their corporate/personal cards. Based on how the Payment Profiles are used in TravelPerk and how their corresponding cards are set up in Fyle, admins can choose to assign a User Role on behalf of whom the expenses should be created for each Payment Profile.

When integrating TravelPerk invoices with Fyle, it's important to note that expenses generated from TravelPerk invoices are classified as Corporate Credit Card Expenses.

  • If you don't have the corresponding cards to your TravelPerk Payment Profiles added in Fyle, then you can choose between the Booker or Traveler based on your preference.

  • If the cards corresponding to your TravelPerk Payment Profiles are added to Fyle, we highly recommend assigning the User Role as 'Card Holder'.

    • Automatic Reconciliation: Transactions from the card flow into Fyle via Real-Time Feed, Bank Feed, or Statement Upload. Fyle automatically matches transactions with existing expenses, enhancing reconciliation accuracy. If no match is found, Fyle creates an expense.

    • User Role as Booker or Traveler: If the card is set up in Fyle for a Payment Profile but assigned the user role as Booker or Traveler, it results in two expenses: one on the booker's account and another from the card transaction on the card holder's account.

    • Duplicate Expenses: This setup may lead to duplicate expenses. It becomes the Card Holder's responsibility to assign the transaction to the booker to avoid duplication.

    • Recommendation: If the cards are added in Fyle, it's recommended to use the 'Card Holder' option to streamline the process and prevent duplicate expenses.

Configure the Advanced Settings

In the Advanced Settings section, you have the power to tailor the data included in your Fyle Expenses generated from TravelPerk Invoices.

Category Mapping

Expense entries from TravelPerk invoices in Fyle are categorized according to the booking type. With Category Mapping, you can align the listed booking types with your desired categories in Fyle for precise expense coding.

Note: Category Mapping is particularly useful when invoices are split into multiple expenses based on each line item. In cases where single expense creation per invoice is preferred, the 'Default Category' setting comes into play. This default category is utilized when invoices encompass multiple services such as flights, hotels, etc., simplifying expense coding for comprehensive invoices.

Default Values

These values serve as substitutes for missing TravelPerk data points. For example, if a user or category is inactive, the default values will be used instead.

  • If an employee is not found in Fyle, expenses will be created on behalf of the admin who set up the integration.

  • Similarly, if an invoice includes multiple booking types or if any mapped categories are disabled, the default category configured here will be used.


This section allows you to customize the expense creation method and determine which data points to include in the description field in Fyle.

  • You can configure whether invoice line items should be created as single expenses or multiple expenses.

  • Additionally, you can customize the 'Purpose' field in Fyle by choosing from a list of available data points to suit your specific requirements.

Click on Save and Continue once you've configured all the settings.

Launch Integration

You're now ready to effortlessly manage your travel expenses with Fyle and TravelPerk integration. Click on Launch Integration!

Once you Launch the integration, Fyle will automatically create expenses for the invoices created in TravelPerk in real time based on your configuration. Read more about how these expenses are created in Fyle here.

Note: If you'd like to stop creating expenses for your TravelPerk invoices via the integration, you can click on Disconnect and reconnect later if required.

If you need any assistance in setting this up, feel free to reach out to us on [email protected]

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