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How are TravelPerk Invoices created as Expenses in Fyle?
How are TravelPerk Invoices created as Expenses in Fyle?
This article explains how the invoices in TravelPerk are auto-created as expenses in Fyle
Written by Kamalini Yuvaraj
Updated over a week ago

Travel bookings made in TravelPerk can be auto-created as expenses in Fyle. To enable this, make sure you've set up the Fyle-TravelPerk Integration. If you've not set it up already, read here on how you can set it up.

Once you've established the connection, invoices created in TravelPerk will be auto-created as expenses in Fyle. The amount, invoice/spend date, purpose field, Merchant and category will be auto-populated based on the invoice. For easy reference, the invoice will get exported as a receipt in Fyle.

Below is an example of how an invoice in TravelPerk will look like in Fyle as an expense:

Auto-categorization of the expenses will be as per the below mapping:

  1. Flights in TravelPerk -> Airlines in Fyle

  2. Stays in TravelPerk -> Lodging in Fyle

  3. Trains in TravelPerk -> Train in Fyle

  4. Cars in TravelPerk -> Taxi in Fyle

Note: The above-mentioned categories are available in Fyle by default and we recommend you to not disable these. When one of these categories is disabled in Fyle, the category will be extracted from the receipt.

Assigning expenses to employees:

Since Travel bookings are made by the admin, all the expenses are created under the admin's profile in Fyle, in order to make your Credit Card Reconciliation easier. But, if you want your employees to fill in details like Project, Cost Center, etc. in these expenses, you can do so by assigning these expenses to your employees.

  1. Open the expense that you'd like to assign and click on Edit

  2. Change the payment mode from 'Corporate Card' to 'Personal Card/Cash'

  3. You will be able to see the 'Assign Expense' option at the bottom of the expense form

  4. Check the box and add the Employee's name/email ID to whom you'd like to assign

  5. Click on Save

Note: If you have an accounting integration set up, depending on how you'd like these expenses to be exported to the accounting system, your employees can set the payment mode accordingly.

If you need any assistance in setting this up, feel free to reach out to us on [email protected]

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