Fyle Bamboo HR Integration

This article talks about how the Fyle-Bamboo HR integration works and how to enable it in your account.

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The Fyle Bamboo HR integration is a one-way integration that synchronizes employee data from Bamboo HR to Fyle. It reduces the effort of creating and maintaining employee data in Fyle for an admin by :

  • Automatically importing employees from Bamboo HR to Fyle with required data such as email address, name, reporting manager, department, etc., when an employee is added to Bamboo HR.

  • Automatically deactivating an employee in Fyle when an employee is off-boarded in Bamboo HR.


How to enable Fyle-Bamboo HR integration?

You can easily enable the Fyle - Bamboo HR integration for your account by following the steps below :

1. Log in to your Fyle account with Admin credentials.

2. Head to Settings > Integrations > Native apps > HRMS and click on Bamboo HR

3. Click on Connect and provide your Bamboo HR API token and subdomain details as shown below :

4. Once you have saved the connection, it takes a few seconds to sync the data between your Bamboo HR and Fyle account. After the setting up, the integration is ready to automatically import any existing employee data into Fyle from Bamboo HR.

Currently, the following employee details are pulled in from Bamboo HR and mapped to the corresponding dimension in Fyle :

Dimension in Bamboo HR

Dimension in Fyle



First Name


Reporting Manager

Primary Approver



It is important to note that email is mandatory in Fyle to create an employee record, and in case the email address is not found in Bamboo HR; then the particular employee record fails to import.

5. You can select or add an email address to be notified proactively upon import failure.

The email notification will contain details of employee records that could not be imported to Fyle from Bamboo HR.

Using this information, you can update the employee details in Bamboo HR, which can then be imported to Fyle.

You are now all set to use the Fyle-Bamboo HR integration.

Please write to us at [email protected] if you have any questions about the setup; we will be happy to assist.

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