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Integrating with Fyle

How to integrate with Fyle? How to create an application?

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Oftentimes, you may want to pull or push data from Fyle. Here are a few use-cases:

  • You want to backup your company’s Fyle data in your own storage on a daily basis

  • You want to push expenses, advances and other information into your accounting or ERP system

  • You want to update employee information from your HRMS/HRIS system to Fyle so that new joinees get a Fyle account provisioned automatically and any critical HR information is updated automatically in Fyle

  • You want to update the list of projects or cost centers from your ERP system to Fyle

  • You are a travel provider and want to offer an easy way to push booking and expense information to Fyle

  • You want to create custom dashboards or perform custom analytics that is not offered by Fyle

Please head to which has all the information on how to integrate with your Fyle account.

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