FyleSDK is a Python SDK for accessing Fyle APIs. It makes integration of Fyle very easy with Python Applications. It has a series of functions which can be used to access different APIs that we provide.

Here is a link to the GitHub repository:


Quickstart Tutorial -

Let’s see how FyleSDK can be used by creating a command-line application to export expenses into a CSV file.

Install FyleSDK using pip -

$ pip install fylesdk

Now create a new file quickstart.py and copy the following code -


Shows basic usage of fylesdk.

Exports details of up to 100 Expenses into a CSV.


import csv

from fylesdk import FyleSDK

""" Making a connection to our server with the credentials created on the web app. """

connection = FyleSDK(

   base_url='<Your Base URL>',

   client_id='<Your Client Id>',

   client_secret='<Your Client Secret',

   refresh_token='<Your Refresh Token>'



Making calls to different APIs in the pattern:


This will get up to 100 Expenses.


expenses = connection.Expenses.get(limit=100, offset=0)

""" Exporting the details to csv using DictWriter. """

with open('expenses_export.csv', 'w') as export_file:

   keys = expenses['data'][0].keys()

   dict_writer = csv.DictWriter(export_file, fieldnames=keys, delimiter=',')



Once you have copied and saved the code in a file named “quickstart.py”, run it by typing -

$ python quickstart.py

Your expenses will be exported to expenses_export.csv

Example Output:

Expense exports on Fyle
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