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Generating credentials for Fyle NetSuite Integration
Generating credentials for Fyle NetSuite Integration

Learn how to generate the required credentials for Fyle NetSuite Integration

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This document outlines steps to ensure that Fyle integration implementation is able to access a customer's NetSuite account with the right level of permissions in a secure manner.

Fyle’s NetSuite’s integration is based on SOAP and uses Token-based Auth (TBA). Upon following the steps in this doc, the reader will be able to enable TBA in their NetSuite account and share credentials with Fyle’s Customer Success team for implementing the integration. Specifically, the following pieces of information need to be shared:

NS_ACCOUNT: NetSuite account id

NS_TOKEN_KEY: Token key for token-based authentication

NS_TOKEN_SECRET: Token secret for token-based authentication

Enable Token-based Authentication

Fyle’s NetSuite integration works off NetSuite’s token-based authentication (TBA). You can learn more about this scheme in this official documentation. This feature is usually turned off by default, so you’ll need to follow these steps to enable TBA as an Admin.

Go to Setup -> Company -> Enable Features -> Suitecloud

  1. Enable Soap Web Services

  2. Enable Token-Based Authentication

Enable Internal IDs

Navigate to Home on your NetSuite account > Set Preferences. The General subtab is displayed by default.

In the Defaults section, click Show Internal IDs.

Find the Account ID

As the Admin, go to Setup -> Integrations -> SOAP Web Services Preferences. You will find a field called ACCOUNT ID. Save this value. This corresponds to the NS_ACCOUNT field.

Install Fyle Integration Suite Bundle

As the Admin, go to Customization -> SuiteBundler -> Search & Install Bundles/ You will see a text box called Keywords. Type ‘Fyle’ and click on search. Select ‘Fyle NetSuite Connect’ from the list.

Click on ‘Install’ to install the SuiteBundle.

Wait for the bundle to finish installing

Assigning Fyle NetSuite Integration Role to a User

The Fyle Integration role now has all the permissions necessary for subsequent steps. Assign this role to a user who will manage the integration. It can be the same user who performed the earlier steps or a different one.

Go to Setup -> Users/Roles -> Manage Users

Pick the desired user from the list and click on it. Subsequently, click the Edit button on the User page.

Now go to Access -> Roles at the bottom of the page. Then add the “Fyle

NetSuite Integration Role” role to this user and save.

Login to the right User and Role

Log out of NetSuite and log back in with the right user credentials (the one who has the Fyle Integration role assigned). Then switch to the “Fyle Netsuite Integration Role” using the drop-down in the top right corner. In the dashboard, you’ll see a link called “Manage Access Tokens”. Click on that.

You’ll now need to create a new access token. Once you click New, pick the application called “Fyle NetSuite Integration Connect” and give the token a nice name like “Fyle Token”. Click on Save.


On the next screen, you’ll see important fields that you will need to copy over: TOKEN ID and TOKEN SECRET. These correspond to the fields NS_TOKEN_KEY and NS_TOKEN_SECRET.

Share Credentials

Next, share these fields with your Fyle Customer Success Manager:

NS_ACCOUNT: NetSuite account id

NS_TOKEN_KEY: Token key for token-based authentication

NS_TOKEN_SECRET: Token secret for token-based authentication

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