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How to update Fyle Netsuite Suite Bundle?
How to update Fyle Netsuite Suite Bundle?

The article shares steps on how to update the Fyle-Netsuite Suite Bundle to access the latest version.

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To stay on top of the latest Fyle- Netsuite version, you could update your current Suite bundle by following the steps below. This would help in using all the integration features without any issues.

To update the Suite Bundle in Netsuite,

  • Head to Customisation > Suite Bundler > Search and Install Bundles > List.

  • Find the bundle named Fyle-Netsuite Connect.

  • Select the drop-down on the left of the bundle name and click update

4. Once you land on the Fyle Netsuite connect bundle preview page, click on Update Bundle, and you are all set to go with the latest Fyle Netsuite connect bundle.

The below video highlights the steps to update your Fyle Netsuite Suite Bundle.

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