Connect your Mastercard for Real-time Feed

Connect your Mastercard so that expenses on your company card come in to Fyle in real-time

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Please note that you'll be able to use this feature only if your organization has access to Mastercard real-time feed. Here are the steps to get access.

Adding a new card for Mastercard Real-time feed

Follow the steps mentioned here to connect your Mastercard to the real-time feed:

  1. Navigate to My Settings

  2. Go to Manage Corporate Cards and click on Add Corporate Card

  3. Enter the card number, read the terms and conditions, and proceed to add the card by clicking on "Add."

  4. After the card is added, you will have the option to opt-in to text messages so you can instantly submit your receipts via text. Please refer to this article to see how you can opt-in to text messages and start texting receipts for expense submission.

Connecting an existing card to Mastercard Real-time feed

If you have a Mastercard added to Fyle already and would like to connect it for real-time feed, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the My Settings page and go to Manage Corporate Cards

  2. Check the card that you'd like to connect to the real-time feed.

  3. Just beside the card number, you can find More Options from this three-dot menu. Click on it and you will see "Connect to Mastercard Real-time feed".

  4. Click on it and proceed to add the card number and click on I agree to complete enrolling your card for Mastercard Real-time Feed.

After this, your card is now connected to the Mastercard Real-time Feed. To receive a text message for your card expenses, register and verify your mobile number using the steps outlined here.

Feel free to reach us at [email protected] for any clarifications or issues.

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