Submit your receipts via text message

Here's how you can use your text message (SMS) to submit your receipts

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You can use your text message to submit the receipts to Fyle directly. Currently, we support text-based receipt submission only for US and CAD orgs.
If you are part of an organization with USD currency and have your mobile number verified on your Primary Org on Fyle, here's how you can submit receipts:

  1. Open your Messages app on your mobile

  2. Add Fyle (+13024402921) as the recipient.

  3. Click a picture of your receipt or attach it from your gallery.

  4. Click on Send

After the receipt is submitted, Fyle's AI will extract the expense data from the receipt automatically. You can find all the expenses with the receipt attached from SMS on your Primary Org on Fyle.

  • For a corporate card expense, if the transaction is already on Fyle, we will match the receipt with the expense associated with the transaction.

  • If the receipt finds no matching expense in Fyle, we will create a new expense with the default payment mode of your organization. Read here to learn more about Payment Mode.

Note that standard messaging rates are applicable. The receipts submitted via text messages will have corresponding expenses only on Primary Org on Fyle.


  1. Is mobile number verification mandatory for submitting receipts via text message?

    Yes. We need the mobile number verification to capture the receipt submitted via text message. Please follow the steps mentioned here to verify your mobile number.

  2. I'm part of multiple entities (organizations) on Fyle. How does it work, then?

    Currently Text message support is available only for one org, i.e., Primary Org on Fyle. Please ensure to complete mobile number verification on Primary Org. You can check your Primary Org and change it as mentioned here. Note that all receipts submitted via SMS will be present in Primary Organization on Fyle.
    If you want to use Text message for all entities, you can add and verify different mobile numbers for each entity.

  3. What is the maximum size of the receipt allowed via text message?

    The receipt(s) size should be less than 5 MB.

  4. What file types are allowed to submit the receipts?

    Only PDF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG are allowed for the receipts.

  5. What happens if I submit multiple receipts at once?

    All the receipts will be captured as individual receipts, and an expense will be created for each expense. If we find the matching transaction for any receipt(s), we will match the receipts to the transactions.

Feel free to reach us at [email protected] for any clarifications or issues.

What next?

  • Create expense rules to auto-fill expense details based on the merchant. Follow the steps here.

  • Let Fyle submit all your expenses automatically. Create automatic expense report submission schedules. Follow the steps here.

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