As an admin, it's not easy for you to follow up with all your employees for their expense reports. While adding expenses can be done in a jiffy, employees can forget about creating and submitting expense reports.

While you are approaching the deadline to close the books, it's difficult to simultaneously ask many employees of your organization to submit expense reports. We heard you! Now, you can set up schedules for the automatic submission of expense reports.

Your employees can just add receipts and fill the mandatory fields, and Fyle takes care of creating and submission of the expense reports for approvals.


Please follow the steps mentioned here to set up the Automatic Report Submission schedule:

  1. Go to Organization Settings > Expense Reports > Automate Submission section.

  2. Click on Add Schedule to add an Auto-submission schedule.

  3. On the next screen, select the date(s) for auto-submission of expense reports.
    For the dates after the 27th, please select "Last Day."

  4. Click on Complete Schedule to create the automated report submission schedule.

    You can add multiple dates for submission in the same schedule (up to 4).

  5. After creating the schedule, you can see the details of the schedule and also can edit it.
    You can add multiple schedules by clicking on Add Schedule.

  6. If the schedule is no longer needed, you can delete them by clicking on .

What happens after a schedule is created?

With Automated Report Submission schedule:

  1. All Draft Reports will be auto-submitted for approval.

  2. Fyle creates a new expense report with all Complete expenses (all mandatory fields filled on expense) and submits the expense report for approval.

Reminders to your employees

As you create an automated schedule for report submission, Fyle sends an email reminder asking your employees to complete the expenses two days before the scheduled date.

If you schedule report submission for the 15th of every month, Fyle sends an automated reminder email to all employees on the 13th of every month.


  1. If your employees have created Task Automation for Auto-Submit Expenses, it will no longer be functional after you, as an admin, create a schedule for your entire organization.

  2. Fyle only submits all expenses that are complete, which means all the expenses with mandatory fields filled and receipts attached (based on your organization's policies). If the expenses are in Incomplete State, those expenses won't be submitted.

  3. If your organization has receipt-mandatory policies for expenses, i.e., expenses without receipts will be flagged. Then the expenses without receipts will be excluded from Auto-submission. Those expenses won’t be submitted automatically.

  4. The automated reminder for Unreported Expenses won't be functional after you create a schedule for your entire organization. Fyle will send a reminder email to all your employees two days before auto-submission.

  5. If you delete all automated report submission schedules, you will have to add an automated reminder for Unreported Expenses if it is needed.

After creating a schedule, please share this article with your employees to understand the associated changes. Fyle will remind your employees to complete expenses before the auto-submission.

Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] for further information or issues with the Auto-submission of expense reports.

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