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What is Automatic Report Submission?
What is Automatic Report Submission?

This article explains about automatic report submission, and how it affects your expenses and workflow, both on mobile and web app.

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

As an employee, dealing with expenses is a rather time-consuming and tedious task. At Fyle, we continuously work towards removing the burden and making the process of submitting expenses easier.

One of the steps we took in this path is Automatic Report Submission.

What is it?

Your administrator (Fyle admin) can create schedules for your entire organization on which the expense reports will automatically be submitted. You can add receipts and fill in the details, and expense reports will be submitted for approval per the schedule.

What happens when an automatic schedule is created?

After your admin creates an Automated Report Submission schedule:

  1. All Draft Reports will be auto-submitted for approval.

    • The expense reports in the Draft tab will automatically be submitted for approval.

  2. Fyle creates a new expense report with all Complete expenses (all mandatory fields filled on expense) and submits the expense report for approval.

    • If you have no expense reports created, Fyle will create a new draft report on the submission date and submit all the complete expenses.

    • If the expenses are either incomplete due to missing mandatory fields or receipts missing (if your organization has a mandatory receipt policy), Fyle doesn't submit those expenses.

  3. While creating an expense, you can select (Automatic Submission on {date}) in the Add to Report field if you wish to let Fyle auto-submit expenses.

  4. Fyle sends a reminder to create and complete expenses two days before the date of auto-submission. Kindly ensure that you complete the expenses and be ready for submission.

    • If your scheduled report submission is on the 15th of every month, Fyle sends an automated reminder email to you on the 13th of the month, if you have any incomplete expenses present in your account.

You can see the information about the upcoming report submission schedule on the Dashboard on your PC and mobile.


If you have created Task Automation for Auto-Submit Expenses, it will no longer be functional after your admin creates a schedule for your entire organization. Your admin's automation schedule will take precedence, and the expense reports will be submitted according to the schedule created by your admin.

If your organization has receipt-mandatory policies for expenses, i.e., expenses without receipts will be flagged. Then the expenses without receipts will be excluded from Auto-submission. Those expenses won’t be submitted automatically.

If you're an admin for your organization, follow the steps mentioned here to create a schedule for automatic expense report submission.

Feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] for further information or issues with the Auto-submission of expense reports.

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