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Understanding your Expense Report
Understanding your Expense Report

Understanding the information under different sections of your expense report.

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Once you have saved all your expenses, you can create a report to submit the expenses for approval. To create a report, select an expense or multiple expenses and click on 'Create Report'. Click here to know more.

A report summarises and also stitches together all the expenses and receipts selected to be a part of the expense report. You can view and take action on all the expenses that are part of a particular report.

All the features on the 'View Report' page are listed below:

1. Report Information:

This part includes Report Number, Owner, Creation Date, Submission Date, etc.

2. Expenses

This portion shows you all the expenses included in the report. You can click on an expense to view it in detail.
Along with this, a spender will be able to perform the following actions such as View, Edit, Add comments, and Remove an expense from an unapproved report.

a. Expense information

When you click on an expense, you can see all the expense information.

b. Receipt

A spender can click on the 'receipt' icon to view the receipt(s) attached with an expense. (as shown)

c. Comments

To add comments to a report on this page, click on the comment icon towards the left of the receipt icon. (as shown)

The spender can view and add comments on each expense directly from this page.

d. Policy Violations and Duplicates

If a policy violation occurs, a red 'error icon' will be shown. (check image below)

On clicking on this icon, you can see more info on the policy which was violated.

You can also see if any expense is a potential duplicate of another expense.

On clicking on the 'duplicate' icon, you will see info on the expense which is a potential duplicate of the current one.

3. Add Unreported Expenses

Spenders can add unreported expenses directly from this page by just clicking on the 'Add unreported expenses' button. (as show below)

From the list, the spender can select all the expenses they want to add to this report and then click on 'Add to report'.

4. Filtering Expenses

Spenders can filter the expenses on this page by clicking on the 'filter' icon. (as shown)

Note that an admin/approver will also be able to take all these actions along with Flagging the expense, Change the amount, Marking bills received.

5. Category-wise Split

You can split the expenses based on category like it was in the previous list view. Click on the 'Category View' toggle as shown.

The expenses will be split into different 'categories'.

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