If you are assigned the role of an approver for certain users by your company's Fyle administrator, all the expense reports submitted by them will be routed to you for approval.

To view and approve the reports submitted to you;

Step 1: Log in to Fyle.

Step 2: In the Dashboard, on your left-hand side, you will see a tab called "Team", click on the downward pointing arrow.

Step 3: Under the Team tab, click on "Reports"

‚ÄčStep 4: You will be able to see the reports that are awaiting your approval under "My Queue"

Reports awaiting approval

Step 5: You can approve the reports from this screen by clicking on the square box, upon clicking you will be able to see an "Approve" option right above the reports.

Approving expense report

Step 6: If you wish to check all the details of the report and then approve, you can do so by opening the report, you can review the expenses associated with it, and click on Approve.

You can also perform additional actions like;

  • Send Back: Send the report back to the user in case of a policy violation or if there are further queries. This automatically changes the state of a report to Sent Back.

  • Add Approver: You can add an approver for the current report.

  • Share Report: Share this report via email.

  • Download PDF: You can download the report in PDF format.

  • Download Excel: You can download the report in Excel format.

  • Download CSV: You can download the report in CSV format.

You can also approve reports while you are on the go. Click on this link to know how to approve reports via our mobile app.

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