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View, Filter, and Other Bulk Actions on the My Expenses Page
View, Filter, and Other Bulk Actions on the My Expenses Page

View, delete, export, merge, filter and add expenses to report in bulk

Written by Tanvi Telang
Updated over a week ago

Expenses are present in various states from the time they are created to the time they are paid off. Some of these may need additional action on them to submit them. You can view all your expenses on a single screen and filter them as per your requirement.

All your expenses are visible under the Expenses tab.

Click on Expenses from the left-hand sidebar to navigate to the My Expenses page

The My Expenses page classifies your expenses into three sections based on the action that is required of them:

Unsubmitted: Expenses belonging to the Incomplete and Unreported states that need to be submitted for approval to your approver/admin.

Blocked Expenses: Expenses that have violated one or more critical policies set by your organization. These expenses need to be edited to comply with the policy conditions so they can be submitted for approval.

All Expenses: A list of all expenses including the Reported, Approved, Payment Processing, Payment Pending, and Paid states.

Bulk Actions

To perform a bulk action you can select the expenses using the checkbox/es and click on the required actions to be carried out.

Add to Report:

Add the selected expenses to an existing report or a new report.

Start Review:

Review the selected expenses one after the other. Expenses details can be edited and saved in the review process.


Combine the selected expenses into one single expense. You can choose which details are retained on the expense.

(NOTE: Expenses once merged cannot be reversed back to separate individual expenses)

Click on the More button to view the following actions:


Delete the selected expenses.

(NOTE: This is a non-reversible action, expenses once deleted cannot be retrieved.)


Export the selected expenses to your email ID in Excel or CSV format.


You can Filter your expenses using various types of filters. Above the list of expenses, you can directly filter expenses based on State or Policy Violation using the filter boxes visible or click on More Filters to set filters of your choosing.

By clicking on the More Filters button you can select your filter conditions in the Apply Filters box that opens up. To add multiple filters simultaneously, click on the Add Filter button.

Once all the filters have been added click on the Apply Filters button.

The list of expenses will get updated as per your filters. You can click on the Clear All button to remove the filters.

This covers the bulk actions and filters that you can apply on your Expenses page.

To learn more about the different states of expenses, click here.

To learn more about how to create an expense via the mobile app, click here.

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