Understanding My Expenses Page

What are unreported expenses? What are incomplete expenses? How to submit expenses?

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Any spend you make on your company’s behalf is recorded as an expense in Fyle. You can find all these expenses under the Expenses section.

Within this section, the expenses are divided into 3 different tabs for easier management- Unreported, Blocked, and All Expenses.

Unreported Expenses

Expenses are not directly submitted for approval. An expense must be added to a Report (a group of expenses), which is then submitted for approval.

Any expense that has not been added to a report is displayed under this tab. You can review these expenses and add them to a report.

To read more about Reports, click here.

This tab includes both Complete and Incomplete expenses. Complete expenses have all mandatory details filled in, while Incomplete expenses have some details missing. For example, your organisation might require merchant name to be entered in every expense. Any expense without this information will be marked as Incomplete.

You can view Complete and Incomplete expenses separately by using the Expense Status filter.

Complete Expenses

Expenses that are Complete are ready for submission. You can select these expenses and add them to a report using the "Add to Report" button.

You can select an Existing Report or create a New Report to which these expenses will be added.

Incomplete Expenses

Expenses that are Incomplete do not include all the information that is required mandatorily by your organisation for approval. You can open any such expense and update it with the missing mandatory details (marked with red asterisks).

Once the missing details are added, the expense is Complete. It can now be added to a report as described above.

Blocked Expenses

Any expenses that cannot be submitted because of the expense policies set up by your organisation are displayed under this tab. For example, if your organisation allows taxi expenses of only up to $100, any taxi expense above this amount will be blocked.

You can review and edit expenses under this tab to remove the policy violations.

You can open any such expense to view the reason for which it is getting blocked.

If possible, you can update the expense so that the policy is not violated. Once updated, the expense will move to the Unreported tab.

All Expenses

All your expenses to date are displayed under this tab.

You can filter out expenses using the "Expense Status" filter to view expenses that are Incomplete, Complete, Submitted, Approved, Processing and Closed. To learn more about Expense Statuses, click here.

To learn more about filters on the My Expenses page, click here.

Reviewing Expenses

You can also quickly review your expenses under any tab in the My Expenses section. Just select all the expenses that you want to review and click on "Start Review".

This action will allow you to go through the selected expenses one by one.

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