How to close Reports in Fyle?

Steps to close the reports in Fyle

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Closing the reports is the final step of the reports flow in Fyle. This action can be performed manually if, in your organization, expenses are created via corporate Card only or you are handling reimbursements in an external application.

However, if you have initiated a reimbursement via Fyle ACH, reports will be automatically closed once the reimbursement process is complete and employees are paid out.

Steps to Close reports in Fyle

For Corporate Card Only

If the expense type in your organization is only Corporate Card, then as soon as the report is approved, you can easily mark the reports as closed.

Head to Reports > Approved, select the reports you wish to close and Mark them as Closed.

A pop-up box will appear to confirm your action; proceed with Mark as Closed, and all the reports will be moved to the Closed queue.

Please note that if you have enabled Verification as a required step for your organization, all the reports must be verified before closing the reports.

Reimbursement via an external application

If you are handling reimbursements in an external application, then you can mark the expenses in Fyle as closed once they are paid out in the external application from the Processing queue.

Head to Reports > Processing and select the reports you wish to close; now go to More and Mark as Closed

All these reports will now be moved to the Closed queue.

You can also use Fyle APIs to automatically set the reports as Closed once the reimbursement is complete in an external application.

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