Allowing Specific Categories to Employees

Learn how to selectively assign (or allow) specific categories relevant to the employees from Organization Settings.

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If you have many categories (GL Accounts) that are not relevant for all employees, you can now selectively allow specific categories to your employees. Please follow the steps mentioned here.

Note that this feature is available on Business and Enterprise Plans.

Steps to enable this feature

Navigate to admin settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on Organization from the left-hand side panel and select Categories.

On top of the list of categories, toggle the Restrict employees to their own categories to Yes.

Allowing Specific Categories to Employees

After you enable the toggle on the Categories page, you can proceed to select the categories that your employees can see and select while creating an expense.

In your admin settings, click on Employees from the left-hand sidebar and select Manage Employees.

Click on a user's name to assign categories to them.

Scroll down to Allowed Categories under the Expense Details section in the Edit Employee box that opens. Select the categories to be assigned to the user from the drop-down list.

Click on Save to finish.

Once the changes are saved, only the allowed categories will be visible to the user to choose from while creating an expense.

This covers the selective assignment of categories to employees.

Click here to learn more about managing the visibility of categories based on the assigned projects.

You can also allow categories to your employees while uploading/updating in bulk using our Excel/CSV template. If you're using our Platform APIs, you can see Category_Names field while adding or updating an employee.

Allowing Categories to all employees in a department

If you want to allow certain categories to an entire department - all employees in a department - you can do so in the following steps from Manage Employees.

Go to Filters, and select the department for which you want to allow specific categories. Click on Apply Filters.

After applying the filter, select all employees in that department and click Edit.

You can select the categories that are relevant to the employees and click Save All to make the categories available to the employees in that department.

This way, you can allow specific categories to all employees in a department at once.

Important points to note:

  • As soon as you enable the toggle on the Categories page, please visit the Manage Employees page to assign/allow specific categories to your employees. If you miss this, your employees can't see any category on the expense form, and hence, they can't save the expense.

  • If your organization has category restrictions based on Projects, then you can only allow the categories that are allowed on Projects present in your organization.

  • After the Category Restriction setting is enabled in your organization, adding a new category isn't allowed to your employees by default. You must manually allow the new category to the employees who will use it.

  • Mileage and Per Diem: For your employees to use Mileage and Per Diem feature, both, the respective Settings and the respective categories should be enabled and allowed to the employees.

  • In Allowed Categories, you will only see the Active Categories, i.e., those that are not disabled.

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