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How Does the Fyle-QuickBooks Integration Clone Settings Work?
How Does the Fyle-QuickBooks Integration Clone Settings Work?

Simplify integration onboarding with Clone Fyle-QuickBooks Online Integration Settings. Learn how to save time and effort effortlessly!

Written by Kamalini Yuvaraj
Updated over a week ago

Setting up accounting integrations for multiple clients or entities can be a time-consuming process. That's where Fyle's Clone Fyle-QuickBooks Online Integration Settings feature comes to the rescue, helping partners and multi-entity customers save valuable time and effort.

What is Integration Clone Settings?

Integration Clone Settings is a feature aimed at accounting partners and organizations with multi-entity setups. It streamlines the integration onboarding process by automatically copying integration settings from one account to another. This means you configure your integration settings once and replicate them across multiple accounts effortlessly.

If you've already set up a QuickBooks Online integration, you may know that this onboarding process usually takes around 10-15 minutes. But why spend so much time configuring every account from scratch when you've already chosen the best settings for one account?

After you've set up your first account, the next time you try to set up the integration for a different account - the integration will automatically copy over the settings from your previous account. Whenever you'd like to set up the integration for a new account, the settings of the previously configured account will always be copied over.

How does the Clone Settings feature work?

Here's how this feature simplifies the onboarding process for a new account after you've configured a QuickBooks Online integration for your first account:

  1. You will be able to access the Integration from the Fyle Admin settings and navigate to Integration> Accounting > QuickBooks Online. This will open the Integration in a new tab and automatically log you in with your Fyle credentials.

  2. Connect your QuickBooks account with Fyle and select the entity.

  3. Instead of navigating through the typical 5-step onboarding, you'll be directed to a new 2-step method.

  4. All the settings from your previous organization are automatically copied over to the new organization.

  5. Quickly review the settings and fill in any unique information, such as the default bank account.

  6. Easily modify any of these settings by enabling or disabling specific features.

  7. Adjust the fields you'd like to import and map them to their corresponding fields in Fyle as needed.

  8. Optionally, choose to reset the configurations to start from scratch.

  9. Finally, click on save to launch the integration.

Say goodbye to manual configuration frustrations and say hello to hassle-free onboarding with Clone Fyle-QuickBooks Online Integration Settings!

If you need any assistance setting this up, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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