Add, Edit, and Delete Merchants

How to add merchants? How to edit merchants? How to delete merchants? How to add merchants in bulk?

Written by Meeha Tewari
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Adding merchants to your Fyle account is a great way to allow spenders to quickly choose the correct merchant while creating expenses. The Merchant field is present on the expense form while spenders are creating expenses, and spenders can choose from the added list of merchants while filling up that field.

Add Merchant

To add a new merchant, go to the Merchants page under your Admin Settings. Click on Add Merchant and fill in the merchant name. Doing this, you have successfully added a new merchant.

Add Multiple Merchants at Once

To add a list of merchants in one go (add merchants in bulk), click on Bulk Add Merchants. Next, download the Excel template available on your screen. Fill in the template with the list of merchants, and upload it back on the same screen. Doing this, you have successfully added your list of merchants.

Edit Merchant

To edit any merchant name, click on the merchant. Make the required changes and click on Save. Doing this, you have successfully edited the name of the merchant.

Delete Merchant(s)

To delete any merchant(s), select the merchant(s) you want to delete. Click on Delete and confirm to successfully delete the selected merchant(s).

With Fyle, you can create rules based on merchants to make filling up expense details even faster. For example, if your merchant is Uber, you can instruct Fyle to automatically assign the expense category as Taxi. To learn more about merchant-based expense rules, click here.

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