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How to export expenses from Fyle to Dynamics 365 Business Central?
How to export expenses from Fyle to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Steps to export expenses from Fyle to Dynamics 365 Business Central

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All your approved or paid expenses in Fyle can be effortlessly exported to your Dynamics Business Central account. This streamlined process ensures that your financial data is readily available in Dynamics Business Central for various accounting tasks such as report generation and payment tracking.

To start exporting expenses from Fyle to Dynamics Business Central, you'll need to set up the integration first. If you haven't completed this step yet, please refer to our guide on how to configure the Fyle-Dynamics Business Central integration for detailed instructions.

Exporting Expenses from Fyle to Dynamics Business Central

  1. Access the Integration Dashboard

    • Log into the Fyle using your admin credentials.

    • Navigate to Fyle Admin settings > Integration > Accounting > Dynamics Business Central Integration.

  2. Automatic Real-time Import:

    • By default, the integration will continuously import all your expenses in real time once they reach the configured export state in Fyle based on your Export settings.

    • Note: These expenses will be kept ready for export from the integration dashboard. Click on the 'Sync' option if you don't see the updated number of expenses in your export queue.

  3. Export Expenses:

    • Click on the 'Export' option within the integration dashboard to initiate the export of expenses from Fyle to Dynamics Business Central. This may take a few seconds based on the number of expenses in the queue.

    • Once the export is complete, you'll be able to see a summary of the exports in the 'Your last export' section.

Successful Exports:

If all the selected expenses from Fyle are successfully exported as corresponding transactions in Dynamics Business Central, you will find a log of 'Successful Exports' along with a link to view the respective data. For further analysis, you can also review the data in the Export log.

Failed Exports:

In case some expenses or reports from Fyle fail to export as corresponding transactions in Dynamics Business Central you will see a log of 'Failed Exports' with a link to view the respective data.

For instance, if the export fails due to errors such as employee mapping or category mapping, you can resolve these errors directly from the dashboard before attempting to re-export.

Resolving Errors from the Dashboard:

Integration Errors:

For integration errors, click on the 'Resolve' option. The missing mapping data will be displayed, and you can create new mappings directly from the dashboard. Once the missing mapping is completed, the data is automatically saved, and you can attempt to re-export these expenses.

Note: Mapping errors tend to occur when values in Fyle do not have corresponding mappings in Dynamics Business Central. Resolving these mappings ensures a smooth integration process.

Dynamics Business Central Errors:

Dynamics Business Central errors are usually the result of validation or permission issues originating from the Dynamics Business Central side. These issues block the Fyle integration from exporting expenses to Dynamics Business Central.

In such instances, all linked expenses that failed due to errors, along with their corresponding error codes, will be accessible from the dashboard. Utilize this information to resolve any Dynamics Business Central-related issues before re-exporting the expenses.

Note: The integration will compile all the previously failed expenses along with the newly imported ones, making them ready for export to Dynamics Business Central.

Sample of Expenses exported from Fyle to Dynamics Business Central

The image below displays expenses from Fyle exported as a Journal entry in Dynamics Business Central.

Note that, Fyle exports all the expenses to a general Journal folder viz., Fyle_JE once you have set the integration. You can access all the expense records from there.

Here is another record that shows how expenses from Fyle can be recorded as Purchase invoice in Fyle. This is applicable only when you are exporting reimbursable expenses from Fyle.

For any assistance with exporting expenses from Fyle to Dynamics Business Central via integration, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]!

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