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Here's how you can view the budgets created on your organization and see the utilized budget and allocated budget for your employees.

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As an admin, you can create budgets for your organization to track spending and add spending limits. To do so, follow the steps mentioned in this help article.

Creating budgets is one step to ensuring spending is within the limits. You also need to view the spending and remaining budget for your employees. After you create a budget for your employees, their expenses will be accounted for in the respective budgets, and you can view the data of each budget from the budgets visibility section on Fyle.

You can navigate to Spend Overview > Budgets from the Organization view.

You can see the list of Budgets created in your organization along with the following details:

  • Budget Limit: Total amount allocated for the budget

  • Utilization: % of the budget utilized or spent

  • Remaining: Available amount for the budget

  • Frequency: The frequency of the budget, such as monthly, yearly, weekly, etc.

  • Created By: The person who created the budget, the administrator(s), or the Owner.

To view the data of a specific budget, you can use the quick filters available on the page. For example, if you want to view all the yearly budgets with less than 50% utilization, you can select those values from the filters to see the respective budgets.

You can select the frequency of the budget here to view the budgets for that specific frequency.

Then, you can select the Utilization of the budget here to view the budgets within the utilization percentage range.

After you select the values, you'll see the resulting budgets with the filters applied.

Similarly, you can view the budgets by applying other filters. You can also search for specific budgets by entering their names in the search box.

If you want to view the expenses accounted for for a specific budget, click on that Budget Name. You'll be redirected to the Company Expenses page, where you can view all expenses of that budget. You can export these expenses in CSV/Excel or PDF for reporting purposes.

Note that these budgets are time-bound and will be reset after regular intervals based on your budget type. For example, if you create a monthly budget, it refreshes on the first of every month. You can't view the previous month's budget.

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